This is what Beijing looks like amid the coronavirus outbreak

8 February 2020, 12:21 am by antelove

With its population of 22 million people, China’s capital Beijing has turned into a ghost city amid the coronavirus outbreak that has killed more than 630 people and infected more than 31,000.

Death toll rises to at least 560 on mainland China

7 February 2020, 10:54 pm by antelove

On Thursday, 73 people died on the Chinese mainland, taking the death toll above 560.

Mexico violence: Controversy over children in militias

7 February 2020, 10:48 pm by antelove

In Mexico, where street violence is routine, few images have the power to shock. But a photo of boys as young as eight in fatigues, handling guns in the state of Guerrero has received widespread media coverage.

Migrants demand entry into EU

7 February 2020, 10:40 pm by antelove

About 200 hundred migrants, including children, gathered Thursday at Serbia's border with Hungary to demand to be allowed entry into the European Union country.

Clashes in Bethlehem as Israeli forces in search of car-ramming attacker

7 February 2020, 10:34 pm by antelove

Protesters clashed with Israeli forces as they carried on several raids in the West Bank city of Bethlehem on Thursday in a manhunt for a driver who allegedly carried out a car-ramming attack against Israeli soldiers in West Jerusalem earlier on the day.

Colombia: National University suspends classes as students clash with police

7 February 2020, 10:25 pm by antelove

The National University of Colombia suspended all its classes as student protests around the campus in Bogota, turned into clashes with riot police, on Thursday.

20200204 Surveillance video catching the moment of man collapsing... maybe dying. #coronavirus

5 February 2020, 11:58 pm by antelove19

20200204 Surveillance video catching the moment of man collapsing

Event 201 Pandemic Exercise: Highlights Reel

4 February 2020, 3:03 am by antelove19

Drawing from actual events, Event 201 identifies important policy issues and preparedness challenges that could be solved with sufficient political will and attention.

2020-01-30 Chen Qiushi Wuhan is short of test kits, beds the outbreak is MORE SERIOUS THAN WE THINK

3 February 2020, 9:50 pm by antelove19

2020-01-30 Chen Qiushi Wuhan is short of test kits, beds the outbreak is MORE SERIOUS THAN WE THINK

Francis Boyle: Wuhan Coronavirus is an Offensive Biological Warfare Weapon

3 February 2020, 8:54 pm by antelove19

The Wuhan BSL-4 lab is also a specially designated World Health Organization (WHO) research lab and Dr. Boyle contends that the WHO knows full well what is occurring.

Wuhan coronavirus explained

3 February 2020, 7:54 pm by antelove19

The Wuhan coronavirus is spreading around the world and raising fears of a global outbreak.

First death outside China reported in the Philippines

3 February 2020, 7:41 pm by antelove19

The first coronavirus death outside China has been confirmed in the Philippines.